The ethical hacker offers on-premise and remote training courses in cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking Domain

New Delhi (India), January 6: Mohit Yadav, an Ethical Hacker and cybersecurity expert, has taken the initiative to enhance cybersecurity in India by training young IT Security aspirants to tackle cyber threats and attackers. With Craw Security, he aims to improve the state of cybersecurity in the country as it steps into 2023.

The Worrisome State Of India’s Cyber Infrastructure

India’s cyber revolution has gained worldwide attention over the last few years.  With Government-led initiatives for virtual payment and businesses of all scales embracing digitization, the country is using technology like never before.  Along with these benefits, peaking digitization has provided cyber-attackers with multiple opportunities to breach into systems and compromise their security.

Cyber attacks in India have increased significantly over time.  From fraudulent Chinese applications seeking access to people’s personal data to organized attacks on the security of prestigious institutions.   Moreover, you can watch how ongoing cyber attackers have successfully breached the highest secured networking of renowned organizations, such as the following:

  • AIIMS New Delhi, Data Breach:   One of a kind, a recent AIIMS, Delhi Servers, got hacked by Chinese hackers; that took around 10 days to resolve and got back on track.
  • Twitter Data Breach:  The data of 40 Crores Twitter users (including Sundar Pichai and Salman Khan) data got breached and listed for sale on the dark web.
  • IRCTC Data Breach:  Around 30 million IRCTC users’ data was breached and up for sale on the dark web.

Not only the issues mentioned earlier, but also the terror of getting sensitive data breaches looms over almost anyone accessing the internet. In this regard, India needs competent cybersecurity experts to tackle the issue and prevent such issues from arising in 2023.   

The Inception Of Craw Security

Considering the scope of cybersecurity in 2023, Mohit founded Craw Security, a cybersecurity training and consulting company.  This venture allows him to bring dedicated and passionate IT Security aspirants together, building an army of skilled experts to tackle attackers.

At Craw Security, Mohit and his team provide classroom and online training to students from all walks of life.  From a young college graduate looking for a cybersecurity course for beginners to experienced IT professionals, the company trains everyone willing to make a difference in India’s digital environment.

Professional Certification And Information Security Diploma Courses

Craw Security offers 1-year certification and diploma courses to IT Security aspirants.  These courses cover multiple aspects of cybersecurity and equip learners with relevant knowledge.  The company allows students to choose the courses they wish to pursue, some of which include:

  •         Linux Essentials Course (Red Hat Courses)
  •         Python Programming Course
  •         Certified Ethical Hacking Course (EC-Council Courses)
  •         Penetration Testing Course (Offensive Security Course)
  •         Basic Networking Course (CISCO Network Courses)
  •         Cyber Forensics Investigation (EC-Council Courses)
  •         Bug Bounty Hunting Course
  •         Web Application Security Course (OWASP Top 10 Course)
  •         Endpoint Security Course
  •         Mobile Application Security Course (OWASP Top 10 Course)

Mohit ensures that cybersecurity experts design all the courses offered at Craw Security with years of industry experience.  He also pays personal attention to keeping the courses relevant and in tune with the ongoing tech trends in the country.

Moreover, Mohit and his team provide flexible options to the learners wanting to be a part of Craw Security.  From live classes to pre-recorded sessions, Craw Security allows students to opt for a weekend, weekday, or remote classes at their convenience.  The trainers provide eBooks and pre-recorded tutorials to the students as valuable learning resources that help them build a robust skill set.

Getting The Real-world Exposure

Disciplines like cybersecurity hold value only when they are applied to real-life scenarios.  To provide much-needed IT security exposure, Mohit also offers 1-year memberships to the students, allowing them to work with Craw Security and hone their skills as they build their careers in cybersecurity.

Students trained at Craw Security have been able to secure jobs at some of the most prestigious companies in the IT industry, including Deloitte, Accenture, Dell, Adobe, HCL, etc.

Cyber Varta, An InfoSec Talk Show On Cybersecurity

Along with training IT Security aspirants, Mohit Yadav has also launched Cyber Varta, an InfoSec Talk Show on cybersecurity and its implications.  The episodes therein include insightful conversations with established cybersecurity experts, their journeys, and their views on the state of cybersecurity in the country.

Hoping For A Secure 2023

By training IT Security aspirants hungry for knowledge and willing to bring about a change in the state of cybersecurity in India, Mohit hopes for 2023 to be a more secure year.  He says, “You need ethical hackers to tackle the mess created by unethical hackers!  As we stand at the brink of a new year, I sincerely hope we achieve noteworthy success in making India a digitally secure country.  If the potential of uncompromised cybersecurity meets the ongoing digital revolution, India will be a force to be reckoned with!”

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