New Delhi (India), June 10: “Draupadi Defiant” is a riveting 60-minute English adaptation of Mrinal Mathur’s “God’s Lioness,” which presents a powerful retelling of Draupadi’s narrative from the Mahabharata. The play unfolds through an intense encounter between Draupadi and Kunti, against the backdrop of the epic’s conclusion. It draws from regional folklore in Maharashtra and Bengal to explore Draupadi’s secret affection for Karna.

In this adaptation, Draupadi is a woman of strong desires, seeking in Karna the virtues she finds in the Pandavas. Despite rejecting Karna to uphold dharma, following Keshav’s counsel, she remains true to her desires. Her decisions, influenced by Keshav’s guidance, lead her to fulfill her yearnings, but these choices cast her as a pariah in society, her kin, and even Karna, resulting in her suffering.

Amidst this narrative, Bhim’s character, portrayed by Surya Kant Jaiswal, stands out with a performance that captures the essence of strength and vulnerability. Jaiswal’s portrayal of Bhim adds a layer of depth to the play, reflecting the internal conflict and the unyielding support he provides to Pandavas. His presence is a testament to the character’s significance in Draupadi’s life and the Mahabharata’s narrative.

As the play reaches its climax, Draupadi, having exacted her revenge and laid bare the truth, boldly challenges the cosmos, questioning the prejudice against women’s autonomy, particularly when their choices align with dharma.

The adaptation is directed by the renowned actor and director Saleem Shah, known for his diverse roles in mainstream and art films, and his extensive experience in over 50 TV and web series, as well as numerous theatrical productions both in India and internationally.

The performance features an exceptional ensemble from Delhi’s esteemed theatre community, including the notable Surya Kant Jaiswal, promising a compelling theatrical experience that not only tells a story but also showcases the talents of a vibrant acting community.

 A theatrical spectacle after 14 Years for Surya!

 The stage is set for a theatrical spectacle that promises to captivate audiences with its powerful narrative and compelling performances. ‘Drupadi’s Defiant’, a play that delves into the rich tapestry of myth and emotion, is poised to make its grand debut.

After a hiatus of 14 years, the seasoned Surya Kant Jaiswal returns to the limelight, gracing the stage with a portrayal of Bhim that is anticipated to be both intense and nuanced. Under the visionary direction of Saleem Shah, the play features a stellar cast with Richa Srivastava embodying the titular role of Drupadi, bringing to life her multifaceted character with grace and fortitude. Vani Kumar takes on the role of Kunti, infusing the character with a blend of maternal warmth and regal poise. Rishab Verma, as Yudhistir, is set to depict the embodiment of righteousness and dilemma, while Gaurav Sharma’s interpretation of Arjun is expected to showcase the warrior’s prowess and internal conflicts. The roles of Nakul and Sahdev are portrayed by Herok Pal and Lakshay Yogesh Kumar, respectively, each adding their unique flavor to the ensemble.

This production is not just a play; it’s a reimagining of an epic saga, a narrative that resonates with timeless themes of honor, valor, and defiance. The anticipation is palpable, and the stage is ready to unfold a story that has been told for generations yet remains as relevant today as ever. For those eager to witness this dramatic re-enactment, tickets are available for purchase. To secure your seat at this event and for more information, please visit the official ticketing website. Join us for an evening of drama, passion, and a celebration of the arts that will leave you enthralled and reflective long after the final curtain call.

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DRAUPADI DEFIANT English theatre-plays Play in Delhi ..

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