New Delhi [India], May 21: Discover the stories behind India’s most influential companies in this insightful exploration. From innovative startups to established industry leaders, the listicle delves into the strategies, leadership, and market impact that have propelled these firms to the forefront of their sectors. Uncover the secrets of their success and the visionary individuals driving their growth.

In an initiative to make high-quality education accessible to all,, powered by Quickssync Market Fit Solutions Pvt Ltd, is upgrading access to digital marketing and data analytics training in India’s Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Recognising the barriers faced by aspiring professionals in these regions, offers an array of affordable, cutting-edge online learning opportunities. These programs are designed to empower individuals.

Features of include learning from senior industry leaders, mastery over 50+ AI and Marketing tools, 100% practical sessions, Exposure to live industry projects, and a committed chance to earn a stipend of up to Rs 3000 per month. Learners also benefit from Project experience certificates, course completion certificates, and comprehensive placement support, promising a robust pathway to professional success.

One Fourth Ventures

One Fourth Ventures, founded in 2023, works with early-stage, direct-to-consumer (D2C) firms to assist entrepreneurs realize their full potential and propel their brands to the spotlight of their respective industries.

One Fourth understands the hurdles of starting and growing a D2C business, having walked the path itself. It has three kinds of approach: launch assistance with “Incubate My Brand,” growth optimisation for established businesses with “Grow My Brand,” and streamlined acquisitions with “Acquire My Brand.” It focuses on brands with promising growth potential, using targeted strategies and category expertise to produce impressive outcomes.

One Fourth fosters long-term success by facilitating close founder collaboration, offering resources, and streamlining collaborations based on strategic vision and data insights. Its friendly approach ensures continuous founder participation, empowering entrepreneurs and driving exceptional brand growth through strong frameworks.

MYZA Diamonds

MYZA Diamonds Private Limited, founded by the dynamic duo Taruna Biyani and Arvend Biyani in November 2022, emerged as a frontrunner in the jewellery industry, setting a benchmark for sustainability and lab made diamonds.

Taruna Biyani, a seasoned Jewellery Designer, brings her expertise to the table, while Arvend Biyani, with over two decades of experience in Finance, Investments & Private Equity, adds a strategic edge to the venture. Together, they steer MYZA towards success with a clear vision and exceptional growth in a short span of time.

MYZA Diamonds manufactures and retails lab-grown pure carbon diamonds and lab made carborundum solitaires that match mined ones in quality and elegance. Each MYZA diamond undergoes rigorous quality checks ensuring only the finest solitaires are mounted in MYZA jewelry.

Committed to excellence, MYZA guarantees unparalleled quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and unmatched pricing, making luxury accessible without harming the environment for the benefit of future generations.


In the bustling markets of India, where lifestyle and fashion meet convenience, Laundryto introduces a much-needed way of managing daily laundry needs. Founded in December 2023 by Prashant Dubey, with Ashutosh Dubey as Co-founder, Laundryto blends advanced technology with a personal touch, setting new benchmarks in the laundry industry.

As India’s internationally ISO 9001:2015 certified laundry franchise, Laundryto is more than just a service; it’s an experience. With its AI-based digital solutions and real-time tracking systems, Laundryto ensures that every garment receives the care it deserves, offering peace of mind and ease to its customers.

For those looking to invest, Laundryto presents an opportunity with a promise of 60% net profit through its sustainable and cost-effective franchise model. The brand supports its franchise investors extensively, fostering growth and community in every locale it touches.

Laundryto’s outlets, designed with a premium and organised aesthetic, cater to practical needs and enrich the customer experience, making professional laundry services accessible and enjoyable. 

Franchise Contact: 8238 000 777


Driven by a love for art and a desire to share the beauty of nature, Prashant and Kumarika embarked on a journey in 2015. What began as a small operation from their home studio has blossomed into Rangreli, one of India’s leading nameplate brands. Today, Rangreli offers a captivating collection of over 1000 handcrafted pieces, each hand-painted by their talented artists.

Rangreli’s artistic vision extends to a variety of home decor products. Rangreli’s creations are inspired by the natural world, from designer lamps that cast warm, inviting shadows to vibrant wall art that injects a dose of personality into any space. Each brushstroke ensures quality and individuality, guaranteeing that no two Rangreli pieces are identical. With a growing base of over 15,000 happy customers, they aspire to transform every house into a unique and artistic haven.


Bibliophiles, founded by Apurva Mhatre, transforms a mother’s love for books into an enterprise enriching children’s lives through culturally diverse literature. Apurva’s passion evolved into a business meticulously curating and selling quality books that foster cultural awareness.

Amid the pandemic-driven shift to online platforms, Bibliophiles expanded its offerings, publishing books emphasizing cultural awareness for children and introducing personalized stationery, catering to the modern consumer’s desire for unique, customized products. This strategic move differentiates Bibliophiles in a crowded market, highlighting cultural literacy and personalized experiences.

Building on this momentum, Bibliophiles recently introduced Zootii, a brand dedicated to stylish, personalized labels for various surfaces, including apparel, stationery, and household products. Zootii caters to the growing demand for personalization, turning everyday items into unique expressions of individuality. This new venture underscores Bibliophiles’ commitment to innovation, ensuring each product reflects its users’ personal tastes and preferences.

ElySpace IT Service LLP

ElySpace, founded by Shahid Ahmad Malla, has officially launched as Kashmir’s premier cloud and web hosting provider. As the only local company in this field, ElySpace offers a comprehensive suite of services, including Cloud Servers, Managed Cloud, WHMCS Cloud Servers, specialised Web Hosting, Domain Registration, and Reseller Hosting. 

With ElySpace, virtual machines can be deployed within 30 seconds. ElySpace’s cloud solutions are designed for scalability, flexibility, and high performance, making them suitable for businesses of all sizes. Its web hosting services range from basic plans to specialised WordPress hosting, optimised for performance and security. The domain registration process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring quick setup for clients.

ElySpace’s local expertise allows it to offer tailored solutions and dedicated support to Kashmiri businesses, understanding and meeting their unique needs. The company’s high-performance infrastructure, built with the latest technologies, ensures reliability and speed for all hosted websites and applications.

The Sarvam Spiritual Club 

In 2014, Dr Seema Mehlawat founded The Sarvam Spiritual Club. Specialising in Vastu consultations, she has consulted on countless homes, flats, farmhouses, shops, and more, ensuring each space echoes with positive energy. Her expertise extends beyond mere structure; she purifies the land upon which buildings stand, banishing any lingering spectres of paranormal activity.

Clients trust her wise eye and empathetic ear, knowing she’ll alleviate their concerns tactfully and understanding. Central to her practice are her Tarot readings, facilitated by her collection of decks renowned for their accuracy. Each card drawn unveils layers of meaning, offering guidance and illumination to those navigating life’s maze.

Her dedication towards The Sarvam Spiritual Club isn’t just about Vastu or Tarot; it’s about enriching lives and nurturing spirits. For anyone needing spiritual guidance or seeking solace from the unseen, Dr. Mehlawat stands ready, a steadfast guardian of serenity and enlightenment.

Konic HealthCare

Konic HealthCare, in collaboration with its technology arm Adskonic, led by founder Sarvesh Dhir – Jalandhar, Punjab, is enhancing its Gynae Care Education offerings. Since 2007, Konic HealthCare has been integrating information on digital technology with healthcare solutions to improve patient education and treatment accessibility.

This improved initiative builds on Adskonic’s over 17 years of expertise in digital healthcare and IT services, encompassing website development and digital advertising. The information regarding education services is developed in coordination with esteemed gynaecology specialists, focusing on delivering in-depth knowledge and empowering patients in Gynae care.

Konic HealthCare and Adskonic are committed to provide a digital healthcare platform with wide options for public providing information concerning doctors as per their location and suitability with a broad spectrum of medical treatments facilitated by experienced doctors and surgeons, ensuring high-quality healthcare options.

Hruduy Goyal

At the young age of 22, Hruday Goyal has already marked his presence in the entrepreneurial journey by co-founding four leading companies: Atelierish, Atelierish Media, and Hrudaksh. With keen expertise in marketing and sales, he has been successful in driving revenue growth across his ventures.

Demonstrating an extraordinary vision and good leadership, Hruduy is not just a business enthusiast but a proven leader whose contributions are reshaping the industry. His ambition is clear—to secure a spot on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list, reflecting his commitment and potential in the competitive business world.

With multiple successful startups to his credit, he continues to set high standards and inspire young entrepreneurs globally. His story is one of ambition, innovation, and success, setting a new paradigm in digital entrepreneurship.

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