Book Title: The Waiting Lounge About Author: Mr. Chet Kamal Parkash

New Delhi [India], May 17: Mr. Chet Kamal Parkash is a multifaceted individual known for his contributions across various domains. An IT professional, fundraiser, environmentalist, and cyber security expert, he has been recognized with numerous accolades, including the Star Screen Awards, the National Icon Award for his exceptional work in social justice and women empowerment. Recently, he was honored with the prestigious ‘Desh Ratna Award – 2024’.

Mr. Parkash advocates for the integration of modern gadgets in educational institutions to enhance learning methodologies. He emphasizes the pivotal role of both teachers and students in nation-building, showcasing a visionary approach to revolutionize contemporary society. His debut book, ‘The Waiting Lounge’, reflects his innovative vision and commitment to driving positive change. Mr. Parkash’s endeavors inspire admiration and appreciation for his visionary thinking and dedication to societal progress.

Book Overview:

The Waiting Lounge is a story set in Mumbai rains. Two people are destined to fall in love in the rains of Mumbai. They meet each other; things go well in their lives. They decide to get married but fate strikes unexpected events in their lives. The protagonist Akash’s fiancée to be sweeps away in the notorious flood after the rains. There is no way to know about her.

Akash’s colleague Dharti helps Akash in her whereabouts. They travel to Mumbai and look for her everywhere the possibilities lead them. One day, Dharti finds the reality that she is no more. She finds it difficult to tell Akash understanding the grim situation of how he would react to the reality. Eventually she takes courage to tell him to face the truth. 

This incident changes the entire perspective of life of Akash and he starts losing everything in the race of his life. The things start changing drastically in his life entirely to devastate him. In this course of situation of his life, he is in a state of mental trauma to which he loses everything right from his well-paid jobs, the purpose of his life, and his vision in life.    

Dharti helps him understand the reality of life and walks every step of the way with him. Akash tries to understand the truth of life. Dharti helps him in recuperating from the situation. He regains control over his life and eventually gets into arranged wedlock with a girl named Chandni. 

The depiction of the story is very heart touching. A joyful boy starts his journey from a small town and moves to different landscapes for his career and life. The narration of the college life is skillfully weaved and it keeps readers interest touched and related. The life lessons mentioned at some places in the story add worth to the chapters.  

The story ends beautifully with the reality of lives. Life swings with joyous and sadness ups and downs, struggles and a lot more. The story leaves a touch of beautiful message of love, hope, peace, and kindness.

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